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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Steve Phillips - Brooke Hundley Affair - Marni Phillips Files For Divorce

Steve Phillips scandal is now breaking news! The 47 year old ESPN sportscaster and former Mets manager is reportedly having an affair with 22 year old Brooke Hundley, who works for ESPN as production assistant. Hmmm, are you trying to follow David Letterman’s route? Then, when Steve Phillips decided to end this relationship. Brooke Hundley went to write a letter to Marni Phillips exposing their scandalous trysts.
Steve Phillips Brooke Hundley Marni Phillips Love Triangle
The Brooke Hundley saga also included contacting the ESPN sports analysts 2 sons via Facebook. Because of the alleged scandal, wife Marni Phillips filed for divorce and Steve Phillips is now suspended in ESPN for one week. Wow, Brooke Hundley can really mess up with Steve Phillips life just like that! We hope this affair will serve as a lesson to all men out there. Related Search: steve phillips espn, brooke hundley, steve phillips affair, steve phillips scandal, marni phillips