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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anthony Toth Pan Am Replica - Reliving the Golden Era of Air Travel

Anthony Toth is currently getting fame as an air travel enthusiast. As a child, Anthony Toth was obsessed in traveling via the Pan Am airlines, which unfortunately closed shop in 1991 because of bankruptcy. That gave him an idea to entirely replicate the first-class cabin of a Pan Am World Airways 747 in the garage of his two-bedroom condominium in Redondo Beach, California. The Anthony Toth Pan Am replica cost him as much as $50,000
Anthony Toth Pan Am Cabin Replica
Not just the red-and-blue reclining seats, original overhead luggage bins and a curved, red-carpeted staircase found in the Pan Am cabin, Anthony Toth Pan Am memorabilia included complete sets of the airline's real on-flight glasses, served with Pan Am logo swizzle sticks and napkins, plus salted almonds sealed in Pan Am wrappers. Visitors can even listen to vintage Pan Am headphones and listen to original in-flight audio recordings from the era, piped in through the armrests. Anthony Toth literally spent years in search for these vintage Pan Am items and it seems he's all satisfied with the results so far that he's reeling to build an upper deck. Below is the video of the Anthony Toth Pan Am feature from Wall Street Journal:
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Antoine Walker Broke: NBA Star Wallowing in Debt

Why does a highly paid athlete go broke? Well, for Antoine Walker, he has romped off with $110 million in his entire career being an NBA star in a span of 12 years. Yet, it appears that Antoine Walker broke his credit record as companies are now hunting him for more than $4 million of unpaid debts. That's quite shocking since where did he take all the money he earned as an basketball star?
Antoine Walker Broke NBA Star in Debt

Hearing big-named athletes in a monetary row is old news. It appears that Antoine Walker broke his millions by being obsessed with gambling in casinos. How's that wasting your hard-earned cash over slot machines and playing cards. Antoine Walker should have invested wisely because we all know that a basketball career can only last for some time. Oh well, that's life... Antoine Walker broke his promise to his family for a good life and now he's got a mountain of debts he should pay up.

Brock Lesnar Bows Out of UFC 106 Due to Illness

Brock Lesnar, the current UFC heavyweight champion, won't be able to defend his belt from Shane Carwin on the UFC 106 scheduled November 21 because he is reportedly sick. This was the announcement of UFC president Dana White. Although the type of illness that Lesnar was not clarified yet, it is suspected that 32 year old MMA fighter has the H1N1 flu because he has not been able to train for three weeks now.
Brock Lesnar UFC 106 Postponed
On his side, Shane Carwin was obviously disappointed with the news because he was preparing vigorously for that Nov. 21 Las Vegas fight. However, there will be a reschedule for their bout on January 2, 2010 (UFC 108)and the venue will be at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Steve Carwin hopes for the best for Lesnar and he's praying for his immediate recovery whatever ails him.

Steve Phillips Intern Brouhaha Gets Him Fired from ESPN Job

This whole Steve Phillips intern brouhaha has got to be the talk of the town. His affair with Brooke Hundley, the ESPN intern, has cost him his marriage and now his job at ESPN being a sports analyst. His wife Marnie Phillips is still being mum about the issue after people are wildly searching for "Marni Phillips photos" everywhere on the Internet. It seems she's too hurt to face the music.
Steve Phillips Intern Update
Actually, Brooke Hundley is not an intern but a production assistant in ESPN. Steve Phillips is not new at shacking up with interns - he was also caught with another intern when he was a New York Mets manager. She was Rosa Rodriguez. Anyway, the ESPN network decided that the suspension was just a light punishment. This is why to avoid the precedent made by the Steve Phillips intern outrage, he's now off to find greener pastures somewhere. The official ESPN statement said:"His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged, and it became evident it was time to part ways."

Mark Sanchez Eating Hot Dog (Video): Caught Snacking During a Game!

Mark Sanchez recently said sorry for eating hot dog while their team the New York Jets were playing against Oakland Raiders last Sunday (October 25). All the cameras has caught him snacking slyly in the bench. Nothing is wrong with that, but the 22 year old quarterback apologized for this humiliating actions that was even got nasty side comments from the sportscasters watching the game.
Mark Sanchez Eating Hot Dog Video
In his official statement, Mark Sanchez said:
I want to apologize for that. I wasn't feeling very good and didn't eat much before the game, so I was feeling a little queasy. Toward the end of the game, I probably should have eaten one of those bars or something, but someone offered (a hot dog), so I grabbed it and tried to be discreet about it, but obviously not discreet enough. So I shouldn't have done that, and it won't happen again.
Oh well forgive Mark Sanchez eating hot dog because he's hungry. There's no need to be mean about that and I hope his team mates will take this in a stride. Below is the Mark Sanchez eating hot dog video that has gone viral:
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween on Ice 2009 with Silvia Fontana

Silvia Fontana looks hot although that she's gliding through ice in the Halloween on Ice 2009. If you are not well-versed about figure skating, Silvia Fontana is a famous Italian figure skater. She's 32 years old and Silvia gamely represented Italy in the 2006 Winter Olympics. Seeing her careen through the Halloween on Ice presentation is such a nice experience, don't you think?
Halloween on Ice 2009 Silvia Fontana
Another performer in the Halloween On Ice 2009 is Jennifer Robinson, like Silvia Fontana, Jennifer is a Canadian figure skater. Both of these girls are adept in every move they make in the ice rink. For sure, Halloween on Ice would be a dazzling showcase of talent and skill. Enjoy watching the Silvia Fontana video below:

Andrew Lloyd Webber Prostate Cancer: Composer in Pain

Andrew Lloyd Webber has made an indelible mark in the music industry as he had been a prolific composer for award-winning Broadway plays. To name a few - "Cats", "Phantom of the Opera" all of these won't be possible without him. Recently, his spokeswoman had informed that 61 year old Andrew Lloyd Webber has acquired prostate cancer and is currently battling this illness with a brave heart.
Andrew Lloyd Webber prostate Cancer
The official statement of his London-based public relations agent Brown Lloyd James read:
The condition is in its very early stages. Andrew is now undergoing treatment and expects to be fully back at work before the end of the year.
Unfortunately, we will have to wait for further details about this Andrew Lloyd Webber prostate cancer. So, hold on guys, we will be doing updates about this later .
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Einstein Refund - Disney Disses Fail Baby Einstein Videos

Want your baby to become as smart as Einstein? Well, Baby Einstein videos is certainly not the way to it. The Disney company now realized their fail product and now they're offering reparations for the product misinformation - Baby Einstein Refunds! Sure, you can get rid of that ineffective product and you'll even get your money back for all the trouble.
Baby Einstein Video Refunds

Brace yourselves because the Walt Disney Co. will refund up to $15.99 for four videos per household. Just last year, public health lawyers made it clear that they will file a class action lawsuit for the "unfair and deceptive practices unless Disney, which acquired Baby Einstein in 2001, agreed to refunds". So this is it! You can now get paid back for the wasted money on Baby Einstein videos that has false promises. Never buy these type of products again! Get your Baby Einstein refund coupons here.

Lexington BBQ Festival: Barbercue Never Been This Good

Lexington in North Carolina might just be little known county but the Lexington BBQ festival is certainly making this location hot today. So what about the barbecue festival? Is this any good than anything roasted hot meats in charcoal? Well, it is said that people make a beeline for Lexington's best barbecue restaurants - these grilled treats are so mouth-watering that you'll always run into someone you know while enjoying it here.
Lexington BBQ Festival 2009
And now comes October, tourists flock into Lexington BBQ festival to be able to get the taste of heaven on a grill. Coupled with beer and good conversation, having barbecue will always be a memorable experience. Don't forget to come by Dempsey's Place at 5968 Old US Hwy 52. You'll not only see Dempsey's new print, you'll receive discount coupons given at the door for FREE. The festival is not all about barbecue alone, but you will have a chance to shop till you drop at several stores that offer discounts at this event. So what are you waiting for? Go there and experience the Lexington BBQ Festival.
Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patterns Free - Get Your Halloween Free Printable Pumpkin Patterns Here!

Looking for Pumpkin Patterns Free? Well, there are certainly a lot of sites offering quite nasty Halloween pumpkin stencils. They're easy to do and you might want to have these printed too. So better yet, search for free printable pumpkin patterns that you can use to design your jack-o-lanterns without much hassle.
Pumpkin Patterns Free

free halloween stencils -
Here are some sites that offer Pumpkin Patterns Free of Charge. Just one tip, download the PDF documents in each site of the pumpkin pattern you like. Then, you wrap it around your pumpkin so that you can easily carve it out with a knife.

Ryan Rosenbaum 95 Yard Soccer Goal (Video): SMU Freshman Does It!

A freshman at the Southern Methodist University (SMU)did a very good feat that everyone would likely remember him. His name is Ryan Rosenbaum and he sure has a lot of promise when it comes to collegiate soccer as he scores a 95 yard goal last October 21 (Wednesday).

Ryan Rosenbaum 95 Yard Soccer Goal SMU Freshman

The SMU football team was up against the Tulsa Hurricanes and they need a goal to counteract their opponents' lead at 2-1. Rosenbaum was lucky enough to save his team as he as kicked from approximately 95 yards out that scored them the win. See Ryan Rosenbaum 95 yard goal video below:

WIAA Football Playoffs 2009 - Schedules and Events

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) 2009 is already rolling high this season. Yesterday, Kimberly Papermakers just revealed they won't have their star quarterback Mitch Hintz and that's really a drag for them. Their coach Steve Jorgensen shared that Mitch suffered an ankle injury that prevents him from fully participating in the WIAA Football Playoffs 2009!
WIAA Footbal Playoffs 2009
As of press time, below are the available WIAA pairings:
  • Division 1
  • Fond du Lac at Bay Port
  • Division 4
  • Manitowoc Roncalli at Wrightstown
  • Winneconne at Kewaunee
  • Oconto at Appleton Xavier
Good luck people and may you have a rousing time watching the 2009 WIAA Football Playoffs! Key terms: wiaa wisconsin, wiaa, wissports, wisconsin high school football playoffs, wisconsin interscholastic athletic association.

Mole Day Song (Video): Chemistry While Having Fun

October 23 is not an ordinary day for Chemistry teachers and students. Today is the Mole Day and there's actually a Youtube video about the Mole Day Song. Actually, it's a bastardized version of Happy Birthday To You that cheerily explains the Chemistry concept of "mole".
Mole Day Song
October 23 is the Mole Day because of the Avogadro's Number that is 6.02 X 10^23, so meaning the Mole Day just lasts from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM. So that's it... Better sing the Happy Mole Day Song or else you'll be flunked. The truth is it's tacky and corny. See for yourself the Mole Day Song below:

Rissi Palmer: Breaking Barriers as Country Singer

Because of her color, Rissi Palmer has always people telling her she won't make it in the country music scene because she's African-American. But that didn't stop her from dreaming and believing that she can do it. In fact, Rissi has vowed, since she was 12 years old, that she will win a Grammy. She enclosed a letter of her acceptance speech in a Bible sixteen years ago and that promised herself not to open it until she actually won that prestigious award.
Rissi Palmer

Rissi Palmer's efforts are slowly paying off as in 2007 her first single "Country Girl," from her self-titled debut album, made her the first African-American female in 20 years to hit Billboard's country chart, according to Country Music Television. Right now, Rissi Palmer is busy doing rounds in high schools to tell students lessons about self-confidence and believing in one's self. To know more about Rissi Palmer, read the CNN report.
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Contessa Brewer Blooper Video-Rev. Jesse Jackson Confused for Rev. Al Shapton

Contessa Brewer just made a blooper in the news today. In a live video patch interview, she just confused Rev. Jesse Jackson for Rev. Al Sharpton. That was really dumb of her considering she is seeing the famous American civil rights activist on her screen and called him another name.
Contessa Brewer Live TV Blooper
Oh well, Contessa Brewer might just have to wear her hair blond as she's really goofed this time as an MSNBC anchor. Watch the live TV blooper of Contessa Brewer in the Youtube video below:
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sardinian Diet Video – Dan Buettner Tells Us Secrets to Healthy Living

What's so special about the Sardinian Diet? No, silly... you're not supposed to eat sardines everyday! It's a diet that is bound to replace the overrated South Beach Diet. Sardinia is a part of Italy - an island in the Mediterranean. People there are surprisingly healthy that they live six years more than any other people in the world. Wow, that's a feat!
Sardinian Diet by Dan Buettner

Dan Buettner featured this Sardinian Diet in his new book called The Blue Zone. The secret of this diet is in the whole wheat bread they're using. Another secret is the dark red wine and of course, cheese. Watch as Dan Buettner talks about the Sardinian Diet in the video here.

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Steve Phillips - Brooke Hundley Affair - Marni Phillips Files For Divorce

Steve Phillips scandal is now breaking news! The 47 year old ESPN sportscaster and former Mets manager is reportedly having an affair with 22 year old Brooke Hundley, who works for ESPN as production assistant. Hmmm, are you trying to follow David Letterman’s route? Then, when Steve Phillips decided to end this relationship. Brooke Hundley went to write a letter to Marni Phillips exposing their scandalous trysts.
Steve Phillips Brooke Hundley Marni Phillips Love Triangle
The Brooke Hundley saga also included contacting the ESPN sports analysts 2 sons via Facebook. Because of the alleged scandal, wife Marni Phillips filed for divorce and Steve Phillips is now suspended in ESPN for one week. Wow, Brooke Hundley can really mess up with Steve Phillips life just like that! We hope this affair will serve as a lesson to all men out there. Related Search: steve phillips espn, brooke hundley, steve phillips affair, steve phillips scandal, marni phillips
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cymphonique Miller Video - Lil Miss Swagger

I am really clueless why a lot of people out there are searching for Cymphonique Miller. She's on top of the search engines and people are also searching Lil Miss Swagger, Cymphonique's music video. I guess everyone wants to know how old is Cymphonique? She's just 12 years old and she is the daughter of entertainer Master P (Percy Miller in real life).
Cymphonic in Lil Miss Swagger

Check out the video of Cymphonique below from Youtube as she performs is featured in too. Maybe, at this young age, Cymphonique is showing a lot of promise as a singer, dancer and actress. Maybe she'll get Miley Cyrus out of business in years to come. Related search: how old is cymphonique, lil miss swagger, master p, cymphonique miller, symphonique

Ceara Sturgis - Female Senior Wearing Tuxedo in Yearbook Singled Out

Ceara Sturgis won’t be seeing herself in Wesson Attendance Center yearbook after she graduates because her school was miffed seing her wearing a tuxedo on her yearbook photo. Yes, this happened in Jackson, Mississippi and a 17 year old girl is being discriminated plainly for her clothing preference. The human rights group American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Mississippi is now doing efforts to stop this foolishness of the said high school as they are bringing this matter up in the Copiah County School District.
Ceara Sturgis Female High School Senior Wearing Tuxedo
Despite Sturgis being a National Honors Society student and an active student in school athletics, it is a shame that the school is treating her like this. Wesson residents are supporting Sturgis on this issue too. Wesson resident Ross Smith said: "That's on her if that's what she likes. They have no right to say she can't wear this, she has to wear a dress." ACLU declared that a delivered a complaint letter to the school district that exposes the said high school for "gender discrimination" and they are now waiting for Sturgis' response of whether she will pursue the case. Sturgis is thankful that people are supporting her on this issue. The full story about the Ceara Sturgis – Female High School Student in Tuxedo Discriminated in WAPT.
Monday, October 19, 2009

Andrew Wiggins Basketball - NBA player Mitchell Wiggins Son

Former NBA player Mitchell Wiggins is surely proud of his son Andrew Wiggins. Not just bearing the towering height of 6 feet 6 inches at 13 years old, Andrew has easily learned some cool moves that would amaze even Michael Jordan himself. Rumors has it that NBA coaches are sending some feelers to Andrew and his parents for him to be drafted in 2014 recruitments for the most watched basketball league. Indeed, many sports analysts predict that the Andrew Wiggins basketball moves can make him the next NBA superstar!
Andrew Wiggins Son of Mitchell Wiggins
It's all about the genes they say as Andrew Higgins' mom Marita Payne is also a former Olympic track and field sensation. No wonder he's also fast and cunning with every move he makes on the court!Watch the video below to believe that Andrew Wiggins can be the next Michael Jordan in the NBA: