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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween on Ice 2009 with Silvia Fontana

Silvia Fontana looks hot although that she's gliding through ice in the Halloween on Ice 2009. If you are not well-versed about figure skating, Silvia Fontana is a famous Italian figure skater. She's 32 years old and Silvia gamely represented Italy in the 2006 Winter Olympics. Seeing her careen through the Halloween on Ice presentation is such a nice experience, don't you think?
Halloween on Ice 2009 Silvia Fontana
Another performer in the Halloween On Ice 2009 is Jennifer Robinson, like Silvia Fontana, Jennifer is a Canadian figure skater. Both of these girls are adept in every move they make in the ice rink. For sure, Halloween on Ice would be a dazzling showcase of talent and skill. Enjoy watching the Silvia Fontana video below: