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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Big news! Last night (well, actually, at 12.30AM this morning) I was on BBC Radio Five Live (a national radio station here in the UK), talking about Toothing. It was a fair and balanced piece I thought - if you're quick you might be able to listen to it here. A couple of good links from around the place too - one from Social Software and one from mediaTIC. Let us know if you see Toothing mentioned anywhere else. There's another media appearance in the works too, so watch this space!
Monday, March 22, 2004
Didn't want to mention it before it appeared, but a little while ago I did an interview with a guy from Wired. Well, the article is up, and I think it's pretty good! Go read it!
Saturday, March 20, 2004

About Toothing Blog

Toothing was originally conceptualized as a naughty site for the use of bluetooth mobile phones in order to score. However, this craze in 2004 and 2005 was proven to be a hoax. Right now, I am reviving this blog to feature technology, TV shows and sports.

Thursday, March 18, 2004


Toothing Blog is personal blog that tackles technology, TV shows, movies and sports. In the belief that the Internet is a public domain, we will source out pictures, videos and facts from various websites. We would be citing these sources whenever we use them. If you happen to own the copyright to these and you don't want to appear here, we will gladly take it down. Just email shane.westinghouse[at] for removal.

Also, if ever we will have videos featured in this site, we will not be hosting them on - contact the video site where it is located because we are not uploading copyrighted videos here. We only embed the videos uploaded by other users of Youtube, Megavideo, Justin.TV and Ustream. Thank you!
Thursday, March 11, 2004
Just to remind new visitors - if you don't know what 'Toothing is, click here. If you're not sure how to 'Tooth, click here. If you want to chat with other 'Toothers, click here. And finally, if you want to mail one of us about toothing, click here! Remember - the 'Tooth Is Out There. Ahem.
Monday, March 08, 2004
Wow! We just got a link from top Gadget blog Gizmodo! You can read the story here. If you see a news story about toothing anywhere on the web, don't hesitate to contact us! Discuss this (and everything else 'Toothing) at on the forum!
Thursday, March 04, 2004
After Geocities very kindly deleted our webpage again, we've decided to move somewhere a little more liberal (and hopefully stable). Don't expect this place to be updated very often, but if there's any Toothing news, or if the forum goes down, you'll find out about it here!
A Beginner's Guide to Toothing by Admin Updated 4th March 2004 Introduction This tries to describe the way the 'Toothing and 'Toothers operate in Great Britain. As this covers a wide range it can only be fairly general but it tries to cover the basics of the range of places available in the UK. Thank you to all those who have made suggestions. What is a 'Toothing? 'Toothing is a form of anonymous sex with strangers - usually on some form of transport or enclosed area such as a conference or training seminar. 'Toothers meet by first connecting suitable equipment - such as a modern phone or palmtop computer. Users 'discover' other computers or phones in the vicinity and then send a speculative message. The usual greeting is: 'Toothing?'. If the other party is interested, messages are exchanged until a suitable location is agreed - usually a public toilet, although there are tales of more adventurous spots such as deserted carriages or staff areas. What happens next is up to you! Why 'Tooth? It's fun! And exciting! And you can meet some wonderful new people and make proper friends. How to find other 'Toothers Post specific technical issues in the appropriate forum. But, as a start, ensure your device - be it a phone, laptop or a PDA - is set to be 'discoverable' and enable 'new connections'. What Happens? This is up to you Safe 'Toothing Toothing is fun and exciting - but you need to stay safe. Be sure the place you arrange to meet is close to others. This makes it even more exciting, but potentially safer. If you do agree to head back to someone's house, be sure you let a friend know where you are. Always practise safe sex. Happy 'Toothing!