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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lexington BBQ Festival: Barbercue Never Been This Good

Lexington in North Carolina might just be little known county but the Lexington BBQ festival is certainly making this location hot today. So what about the barbecue festival? Is this any good than anything roasted hot meats in charcoal? Well, it is said that people make a beeline for Lexington's best barbecue restaurants - these grilled treats are so mouth-watering that you'll always run into someone you know while enjoying it here.
Lexington BBQ Festival 2009
And now comes October, tourists flock into Lexington BBQ festival to be able to get the taste of heaven on a grill. Coupled with beer and good conversation, having barbecue will always be a memorable experience. Don't forget to come by Dempsey's Place at 5968 Old US Hwy 52. You'll not only see Dempsey's new print, you'll receive discount coupons given at the door for FREE. The festival is not all about barbecue alone, but you will have a chance to shop till you drop at several stores that offer discounts at this event. So what are you waiting for? Go there and experience the Lexington BBQ Festival.