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Monday, October 26, 2009

Antoine Walker Broke: NBA Star Wallowing in Debt

Why does a highly paid athlete go broke? Well, for Antoine Walker, he has romped off with $110 million in his entire career being an NBA star in a span of 12 years. Yet, it appears that Antoine Walker broke his credit record as companies are now hunting him for more than $4 million of unpaid debts. That's quite shocking since where did he take all the money he earned as an basketball star?
Antoine Walker Broke NBA Star in Debt

Hearing big-named athletes in a monetary row is old news. It appears that Antoine Walker broke his millions by being obsessed with gambling in casinos. How's that wasting your hard-earned cash over slot machines and playing cards. Antoine Walker should have invested wisely because we all know that a basketball career can only last for some time. Oh well, that's life... Antoine Walker broke his promise to his family for a good life and now he's got a mountain of debts he should pay up.