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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anthony Toth Pan Am Replica - Reliving the Golden Era of Air Travel

Anthony Toth is currently getting fame as an air travel enthusiast. As a child, Anthony Toth was obsessed in traveling via the Pan Am airlines, which unfortunately closed shop in 1991 because of bankruptcy. That gave him an idea to entirely replicate the first-class cabin of a Pan Am World Airways 747 in the garage of his two-bedroom condominium in Redondo Beach, California. The Anthony Toth Pan Am replica cost him as much as $50,000
Anthony Toth Pan Am Cabin Replica
Not just the red-and-blue reclining seats, original overhead luggage bins and a curved, red-carpeted staircase found in the Pan Am cabin, Anthony Toth Pan Am memorabilia included complete sets of the airline's real on-flight glasses, served with Pan Am logo swizzle sticks and napkins, plus salted almonds sealed in Pan Am wrappers. Visitors can even listen to vintage Pan Am headphones and listen to original in-flight audio recordings from the era, piped in through the armrests. Anthony Toth literally spent years in search for these vintage Pan Am items and it seems he's all satisfied with the results so far that he's reeling to build an upper deck. Below is the video of the Anthony Toth Pan Am feature from Wall Street Journal:
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