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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ceara Sturgis - Female Senior Wearing Tuxedo in Yearbook Singled Out

Ceara Sturgis won’t be seeing herself in Wesson Attendance Center yearbook after she graduates because her school was miffed seing her wearing a tuxedo on her yearbook photo. Yes, this happened in Jackson, Mississippi and a 17 year old girl is being discriminated plainly for her clothing preference. The human rights group American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Mississippi is now doing efforts to stop this foolishness of the said high school as they are bringing this matter up in the Copiah County School District.
Ceara Sturgis Female High School Senior Wearing Tuxedo
Despite Sturgis being a National Honors Society student and an active student in school athletics, it is a shame that the school is treating her like this. Wesson residents are supporting Sturgis on this issue too. Wesson resident Ross Smith said: "That's on her if that's what she likes. They have no right to say she can't wear this, she has to wear a dress." ACLU declared that a delivered a complaint letter to the school district that exposes the said high school for "gender discrimination" and they are now waiting for Sturgis' response of whether she will pursue the case. Sturgis is thankful that people are supporting her on this issue. The full story about the Ceara Sturgis – Female High School Student in Tuxedo Discriminated in WAPT.