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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cymphonique Miller Video - Lil Miss Swagger

I am really clueless why a lot of people out there are searching for Cymphonique Miller. She's on top of the search engines and people are also searching Lil Miss Swagger, Cymphonique's music video. I guess everyone wants to know how old is Cymphonique? She's just 12 years old and she is the daughter of entertainer Master P (Percy Miller in real life).
Cymphonic in Lil Miss Swagger

Check out the video of Cymphonique below from Youtube as she performs is featured in too. Maybe, at this young age, Cymphonique is showing a lot of promise as a singer, dancer and actress. Maybe she'll get Miley Cyrus out of business in years to come. Related search: how old is cymphonique, lil miss swagger, master p, cymphonique miller, symphonique


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    this lil girl can sing it is crazy and she's like how old 12

  2. dis lil girl is so pretty andi love yo song lil miss swager i knw dats rite keep it up girl