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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sports Players required alive: Online Appointment Scheduler Software

I need an appointment scheduler software package that is alive. My current package is dead. The company is non-existent. The bugs are the only things that are alive. I’m ready to let my pest control buddy hose down the whole darn computer. Luckily I hadn’t invested too much. So replacing the web based scheduling software isn’t going to be too painful. In fact, I just found one with the extra flexibility that I need and they even have a time clock option. I need that feature. Hmmm… what else do they offer? The outlook export module is a definite need. From the list it feels like the company is still alive and improving. Good thing for me.

HOA Meeting: Online Appointment

The worst thing is to think that you have the room reserved only to find the boyscouts or brownies using your room that night. This happened at our HOA meeting the other night. It’s an awkward situation. Who wants to kick out the “boyscouts” for a silly HOA meeting? I didn’t want to kick them out. So we waited for them to finish up. After this happened the management of the building decided to get the online appointment software. I guess this has been happening a lot lately and they were tired of trying to get someone competent to schedule the rooms for minimum wage. Now the building practically schedules itself.