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Monday, November 09, 2009

NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament 2009 Updates Galore

High Point University women’s soccer contingent is in high spirits as they are bound to hit it hard in the South Championship in the NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament 2009. What team are they going to face next? The High Point women's soccer team is bound to face the University of North Carolina women kickers in their home turf in Chapel Hill. This is going to be a formidable foe for these High Point ladies as the UNC women's soccer team rank number 5 in the overall standings. Sports entities clearly favor the Tar Heels in this one.
NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament 2009

The High Point University head coach Marty Beall expressed his excitement for this face-off and he assured that they are going to represent High Point "to the highest level" as expected of them. Lately, the HPU soccer team is in the winning streak as they tampered the Winthrop team 4-2 because of penalty kicks. To top it all, their senior goal keeper Marisa Abbott garnered the MVP award after she posted three shutouts in the tournament. Better yet, keep posted on this blog as the 2009 NCAA Women's Soccer Tournament is heading for its Third Round on Friday, November 30. Please check out Premiership Arsenal tickets on sale 2013.