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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jermaine Dupri Watches Launched With Lindsay Lohan On The Side

Jermaine Dupri watches are in the rave. Jermaine Dupri, who's the ex-boyfriend of Janet Jackson launched a new watch line called NuPop. He's a music executive, how come he's now into watches? Well, Jermaine Dupri watches are in collaboration with A-list jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad.
Jermaine Dupri Watches
Jermaine Dupri watches were launched at the ritzy Kitson in West Hollywood. Top celebrity guests graced the said event, including the notorious limelight-hogger Lindsay Lohan. The actress was paid to attend and Jermaine Dupri gave her $1,500 for a shopping spree at Kitson. Nice! When asked why Jermaine Dupri is venturing in luxury line of watches with diamonds, he said it's his fallback after So So Def Records. He said: "Although people always used to think of me as the flashy money guy, I felt like I wanted to do something else. So, we're starting with a digital watch with a big face and loud colors that runs for about $150. It's in the same neighborhood of G-Shock". Actually, this is not his first line of watches since he previously launched Pop Watch collection last February.

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