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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michelle Obama Monkey Picture With Prince William Bald Picture

Michelle Obama monkey picture has caused an uproar over the search engines. This particularly racist photo that was edited in order for the first lady to look like a monkey. This was precipitated by a blogspot blog called "Hot Girls" and Google has received complaints regarding this offensive photo. This image of Mrs. Obama has since been taken down in the said site but the image allegedly remains in its Image Search. However, a disclaimer is placed with it.
Michelle Obama Offennsive Photos Prince William Going Bald
In the disclaimer, the search engine company claims that they can "sometimes" put disturbing images in their content but they are in no way connected to the proliferation of these distasteful images. On the other hand, controversial photos of Prince William going bald has also hit the search engines. Prince William bald picture has been said to be taken while he was leaving the Raffles hotel after a night with friends. Looky, looky... the former hot prince is now getting a bad hair day!