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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Aroldis Chapman Fires Agent Edwin Mejia

It's quite unfortunate to hear that Cuban star pitcher Aroldis Chapman has fired his agent Edwin Mejia last Saturday. Mejia is from Athletes Premier International and he represented him after he left the Cuban national baseball team last July. Although Mejia had his negotiations running for Chapman to enter major league teams, he was abandoned by the Cuban defector and replaced his agent with Randy and Alan Hendricks. Randy himself has affirmed that this news is through ESPN.
Aroldis Chapman Fires Edwin Mejia
There's no clear reason yet given Aroldis Chapman on why he replaced Edwin Mejia as his agent. Maybe Aroldis wants more veteran agents to handle him since the Hendricks had handled Kendry Morales and Andy Pettitte. In an official statement Athletes Premier International lamented that it is "greatly surprised and deeply disappointed that Aroldis Chapman has decided to change agents." They informed that their agency "has put forth a lot of time and effort towards helping him achieve his goal of becoming a major league pitcher and he gave us no indication that he was unhappy with our advice or the way he was treated. We will have more to say about this matter at a later date, but in the meantime we wish Aroldis luck in his future endeavors." Oh well, we hope Aroldis Chapman made a great decision of defecting again. Baseball is a very lucrative sports and maybe he might just find greener pastures by being with the Hendricks.