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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hideki Matsui Nickname-First Japanese MVP of the World Series

So the New York Yankees pulverized Philadelphia Phillies 7-3 to snatch up their 27th win in the World Series on November 4. It was Hideki Matsui of Yankees who did well for their unstoppable victory as he doubled, singled and drove six runs to amplify their team's standing. For his efforts, Matsui copped the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. He made history himself as the first ever Japanese born MVP to win it since it was given in 1955. For his "growling" baseball endeavors, Hideki Matsui nickname was nailed into calling him "Godzilla".
Hideki Matsui Nickname Godzilla

Hideki Matsui was in high spirits when he received this prestigious MVP award. Through a translator, Matsui expressed his disbelief that he was offered the MVP. Hideki Matsui nickname Godzilla could not resist saying that his experience in the US was a blast: "When I was in Japan, that was the ultimate goal. Being here, winning the World Series, becoming world champions, that's what you strive for here." Congratulations, Matsui! And we hope we see more fabulous baseball plays in the future with you!