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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dr. John Apsley-Curing 90% of All Cancer With Baking Soda?

Dr. John Apsley has gained fame with his proposition that the lowly baking soda can cure 90 percent of all cancer cases. That's quite a controversial statement! Yet, we cannot dismiss Dr. John Apsley as a quack doctor at all because he has spent nearly 30 years in the research about cellular regeneration and accumulated wound repair.
Dr John Apsley Baking Soda Anti Cancer
Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate was found to have an inhibiting effect on cancer cells, according to Dr. John Apsley. He had given an example of breast cancer - baking soda injections can surprisingly decrease the breast cancer lump:
Usually local perfusions with sodium bicarbonate are effective in breast cancer. If the size of the lump is less than 3 cm, it can completely shrink after a cycle of 6 injections. The treatment has to be repeated if the lumps are bigger 4-5 cm. After the local treatment it is necessary the intravenously administration of 500 ml 5% sodium bicarbonate, 6 days on 6 days off for 4 cycles.
Wow, if this is true, then everyone with cancer can have hope for a cheap treatment. With Dr. John Apsley's proposal many poor people with cancer will be able to survive it without being crippled by skyrocketing medical expenses!