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Monday, February 22, 2010

Bassmaster Classic 2010 Winner: VanDam is Bassmaster Classic Winner

Bassmaster Classic 2010 declared its winner and it's Kevin Van Dam from Kalamazoo. It's an epic victory for VanDam as he took hold of his third title as a top angler in the Bassmaster Classic.
Bassmaster Classic 2010 Winner
VanDam, who copped the $500,000 winner's check has gotten a 51-pounds, 6-ounces of Lay Lake bass. Placing second is Jeff Kriet with 46-pounds, 6-ounces and Todd Faircloth took third with 44-pounds, 3-ounces. VanDam, who won his fifth Bassmaster Angler of the Year award in the previous year, had a catch of 19-pounds, 7-ounces Sunday to close out the three-day tournament, regarded the premier annual fishing event. It was revealed that VanDam had a "challenging week" in the Bassmaster Classic 2010. As he was revealed the Bassmaster Classic 2010 winner, he was caught by surprise, naturally.
Lay Lake, located near Birmingham, Ala., is really a lengthy, narrow 12,000 acre reservoir. Despite its size, VanDam spent the entire three days fishing a spawning flat located near the tournament's boat launch in an region referred to as Beeswax Creek. Both Kriet and Faircloth focused their efforts within the same spot. VanDam previous captured the Bassmaster Traditional title in 2005. Lay Lake hosted the event in 2007, where VanDam concluded third. Only Rick Clunn has more Classic title, with four. Last year's winner, Skeet Reese, had a rough tournament, netting only 3 fish and not creating it towards the third day of fishing. Congratulations to the 2010 Bassmaster Classic Winner! (Photo by Associated Press)