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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Four of Hearts Writer - Who Wrote The Four of Hearts?

The Four of Hearts writer gained fame for this mystery novel that was published in 1938. What is seen unique about this novel is that it's about Jacques Butcher who's a Hollywood studio manager in the 1930s. The Four of Hearts novel was written by Ellery Queen. Ellery Queen etched an important contribution in the literary world for her penchant in exciting plot twists.
The Four of Hearts Writer
Moreover, the Four of Hearts writer Ellery Queen is just a pen name, though. The real people behind this pseudonym are two people. They are cousins actually -- Daniel Nathan, alias Frederic Dannay (October 20, 1905–September 3, 1982) and Manford (Emanuel) Lepofsky, alias Manfred Bennington Lee (January 11, 1905–April 3, 1971). They have been known to write detective fiction well. So there you have it! The Four of Hearts writer is Ellery Queen.