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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sarah and Vinnie Suspended – Sarah & Vinnie from Alice Radio

Why were Sarah and Vinnie suspended? Sarah & Vinnie are favorite hosts of a radio show Alice 97.3 in San Francisco. Listeners are wondering why their favorite radio hosts were not on air this morning. It was said that Sarah and Vinnie issued an apology to their listeners also. Yet, the main reasons are unknown why these hosts have received complaints about their recent chitchat.
Sarah and Vinnie Suspended - Sarah Vinnie Apology
We hope Sarah and Vinnie will be back on air as soon as they iron out their mess. We will still develop this story about why Sarah and Vinnie got suspension. Sarah and Vinnie suspended in the search engines are still not complete, so we hope you can bear with us!

Update: Sarah and Vinnie was gained suspension because of last Friday's Secret Show where Vinnie made an offensive remark against gays. Sarah, on the other hand, was talking about the Tahoe trip and that she will not attend Monday's show. So there you have it!