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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fire and Ice Fireplace-Why Everyone is Raving abouut Fire on Ice?

Wonder what a fire and ice fireplace is? I, myself, is intrigued of how this fire and ice fireplaces can work because water and fire will surely not mix. Well, fire and ice fireplaces are not necessarily using real ice but it's glass. Actually, FIRE on ICE® is trademark accessory product that was invented by Mark Georganta. It uses tempered glass in place of woods and logs to fuel up your fireplace. They say it's much safer to use that those because there's no more popping cinders, no soot and it burns cleaner.
Fire and Ice Fireplace - Why Fire and Ice Fireplaces are the Rave
Well, given that fire and ice fireplaces are all that. What about the price? Will it cost me an arm and leg just to have that installed in my house? According to them, the fire and ice fireplace is affordable and lasts a lifetime. Many celebrities have this and it's like a new trend because it's cleaner to use in the home. Just search for FIRE on ICE® and you'll see their website.