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Monday, December 14, 2009

Julie Postle - Yet Another Tiger Woods Mistress Photo

Julie Postle is another woman being connected to golf superstar Tiger Woods who's facing lots of media attention lately. Accenture had already signified that Tiger Woods would not be endorsing them anymoe. If I'm not mistaken, Julie is the umpteenth blonde being identified as one of Tiger Woods' mistresses. No less than the New York Post made this announcement today. If you're wondering who Julie Postle is, the woman is a waitress working for the Roxy Club in Orlando. Well, basing on the photo itself, she's undeniably the types of Tiger Woods, alright.
Julie Postle Yet Another Tiger Woods Mistress

A bartender from the same club Julie used to work in revealed that she and Tiger Woods were an item in 2004. The bartender's name is Brian Kimbrough and he informed NY Post that Postle is now residing in Texas. cellphone records are now being looked into if indeed Julie Postle and Tiger Woods had been dating and calling each other. Oh well, we're all still waiting for the 20th lady that Tiger Woods would have had 'transgressed' with. When is it gonna end?