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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jenny Jones Update: Jenny from Frank the Entertainer Eliminated

Who is Jenny Jones? Well, she's the dusky beauty who's doing the rounds in search engines right now. Jenny from Frank the Entertainer as she is often dubbed. 'Frank the Entertainer' is a VH1 dating TV show and in today's episode entitled "Frank The Entertainer In A Basement Affair", Jenny Jones was the unlucky one chosed to be kicked off the show. How sad!
Jenny Jones Update Jenny Jones from Frank the Entertainer
Nevertheless, we hope Jenny Jones will not be known as just Jenny from Frank the Entertainer. We sure wish she will live in the hearts of people she touched through that dating show and make name for herself. I haven't watched it myself, but I guess most dating TV shows are too cheesy for my taste. Yet, Jenny Jones is quite a hottie right? Too bad for "Frank the Entertainer"!