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Monday, April 19, 2004
Well, what a few weeks. Apologies for not updating with news, but I've been very busy. So, in order of discovery: This excellent pastiche appeared just before my last entry here, but I didn't catch it in time. A rather sceptical piece ran in the Guardian on Friday 9th April. Better, Toothing was referenced in The Guide on the 10th of April. On the 15th of April, The Mirror ran a short story on Bluesnarfing, which referenced 'Toothing in passing at the end. But this morning (the 19th), things really took off. Reuters put out a 'Toothing story featuring an interview with yours truly. A lot of people picked up on it, like, for example,The Times of India,, and, most notably, CNN and Yahoo News. The last two were linked from lots of other places, including The Drudge Report, and Portal Of Evil News. A story also appeared on The Register. And at some point Storyhunters did something too. Presumably all this breaking news was what inspired to make this Blog their Cruel site of the day. And maybe it was that gave Toothing the push onto Fark. But anyone who's spent any time today on the Toothing Forum will have noticed it's not just the English language world that's tracking 'Toothing. One of Italy's most popular newspapers, La Repubblica did a big story. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf ran a piece today, as did a paper in Norway. Yahoo News republished their article in French. And there was another piece in Liberation. Czech links, Polish links - too many to list here. There are some more to come, I'm sure, but it's been a big day for the 'Toothing community. If you see anything else - particularly in print, where I can't use google to find it - do email me! Thanks, and keep 'Toothing!