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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Einstein Refund - Disney Disses Fail Baby Einstein Videos

Want your baby to become as smart as Einstein? Well, Baby Einstein videos is certainly not the way to it. The Disney company now realized their fail product and now they're offering reparations for the product misinformation - Baby Einstein Refunds! Sure, you can get rid of that ineffective product and you'll even get your money back for all the trouble.
Baby Einstein Video Refunds

Brace yourselves because the Walt Disney Co. will refund up to $15.99 for four videos per household. Just last year, public health lawyers made it clear that they will file a class action lawsuit for the "unfair and deceptive practices unless Disney, which acquired Baby Einstein in 2001, agreed to refunds". So this is it! You can now get paid back for the wasted money on Baby Einstein videos that has false promises. Never buy these type of products again! Get your Baby Einstein refund coupons here.